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Can the orchard sprayer be used on rainy and cloudy days?

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      Orchard sprayer is a kind of equipment mainly used for spraying in orchards. It can easily cope with various spraying situations. Some friends raised a question, saying that orchard sprayer can be used in rainy and cloudy days?Our engineers have summarized the following answers for you based on some common sense and practical experiments.

  Can the orchard sprayer be used when it rains on cloudy days?

  Orchard sprayer is characterized by saving time and effort, which is achieved by greatly reducing water consumption.The liquid sprayed by the orchard sprayer is attached to the foliage to form a high-concentration film, and the dew on the foliage can dilute the drug twice, which is more conducive to the uniform coverage of the drug on the foliage.

  When the weather conditions are poor in winter, it is the peak of the occurrence of germs. The traditional method of spraying consumes a lot of water and accelerates the reproduction of germs.The use of orchard sprayer can precisely solve this problem. A significant reduction in water consumption can effectively slow down the reproduction of germs, and the waste heat generated can also increase the temperature of the greenhouse.

  The answer is this. I hope our answer can solve some common problems of orchard sprayer. If you have more questions, you can contact us directly. We will give you a unified answer after sorting out the materials.

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