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1GZL-105 crawler self-propelled rotary tiller

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Main features

①The one machine is multi-purpose, compact and flexible, and can be turned in place

②The crawler is self-propelled, with good linearity and passability

③Single-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, solid leather, durable and fuel-saving

④Standard configuration: rotary tillage, weeding, trenching, backfilling, bulldozing

⑤Optional: strawberry ridge lifting, rotary tillage and fertilization, plowing and other functions.

⑥The host is only 80 cm wide, and the height of the seat is 80 cm from the ground after it is lowered. It is suitable for vegetable greenhouses, tea, tobacco, kiwi, sugar cane, orchards, grapes, watermelon greenhouses, ditching, drainage, soil cultivation and other operations in mountainous and hilly plots.


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