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2FX-600 suspended organic fertilizer fertilizing machine

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2FX-600 suspended trenching and fertilizing machine is the latest patented product developed by our company. The product successfully passed the special appraisal of Shandong Agricultural Machinery Testing and Appraisal Station in September 2020.It is mainly suitable for the fertilization of finished organic fertilizers for cash crops such as fruit trees, grapes, wolfberries, walnuts, etc.The whole machine adopts a biased structure design, adopts a twisted dragon type forced fertilizer discharge, and the fertilizer discharge is smooth. The fertilizer tank has a built-in stirring twisted dragon, and the fertilizer is mixed evenly.The depth and amount of fertilization are adjusted according to demand.It is recommended to use with a 50-90 horsepower tractor.

The product has the following outstanding innovation points:

(1) Oblique support and V-shaped double disc combined trenching structure.

By installing a double disc trenching knife at both ends of the output shaft of the transmission box, it can rotate and open the trenching in a V-shaped state during the working process, and a smaller diameter disc knife can be used to achieve wide and deep trenching. By setting up a soil covering shell, the fertilizer is automatically covered and backfilled after being discharged into the bottom of the ditch.

(2) Screw conveying device for both granular and powdered fertilizer.

By changing the speed of the spiral fertilizer extractor and the size of the fertilizer inlet of the fertilizer extractor to control the amount of fertilizer discharged, it solves the technical problem that the traditional outer trough wheeled fertilizer extractor cannot discharge powdered fertilizer normally.

Main features

①The trenching, fertilization and soil restoration are completed at once

②biased suspension type

③Jiaolong-style forced fertilizer discharge, suitable for dry powdered commercial organic fertilizer and granular fertilizer

④ adjustable The amount of fertilization is adjustable

对Opposite V-shaped double trenching knife

⑥The size of the fertilizer box can be customized, and the double fertilizer box can also be customized. The large fertilizer box can be applied to powdered organic fertilizer, and the small fertilizer box can be applied to granular compound fertilizer, bacterial fertilizer, trace elements, etc. The fertilization capacity of the small fertilizer box is 0.1-0.5kg/m.

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